Women should NOT be forced to feed their babies in a bathroom, all because we live in a misogynistic, porn-warped society that’s been brainwashed to believe that female breasts used for anything other than male pleasure is “indecent”. Support public breast feeding and end the porn culture.

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I find this exceptionally revolting. And I want to know if this is a US thing, because my sister breast fed my niece pretty much anywhere in Italy - including at the restaurant where we had my niece’s christening’s luncheon/celebration - and nobody ever asked her to leave, to cover herself, or even batted an eye. 

Women should not feel ashamed to feed their babies in public. That is what breasts are for. This shit needs to stop, right now.

Being from what is practically Italy -part II-, i dare say this is mostly a US thing. I’ve seen mothers breastfeeding their baby even on the bus. It’s like a general consensus that when you see a mother breastfeeding you just try not to look, like, her boob is out for her baby, not casual perverts, and if you stare, the one on the wrong is you, not the mother. I’ve never seen nor heard a mother being told to cover or leave the place. My sisters-in-law breastfed their kids in front of the whole family, even their father and brothers, and uncles they don’t see often; nobody gave a damn, because a mother feeding her child IS NATURAL. Is the most natural thing humans do after having sex, IT’S ONE OF THE TWO REASONS WHY WE’RE ALL HERE.

If the baby’s hungry, you feed the baby, end of story, what goes on in the US with this whole thing is nothing more but a side-product of the heavy sexualization and objectification of women’s body. Women are sex objects until the moment they bear children, from then on they’re not women, they’re “moms” and can’t be showing skin, but because they were considered sexual objects before they had kids, if they show skin it’s assumed they do it for sexual reasons, and that kind of people considers breastfeeding in public a provocation. And that is fucking ridiculous. It is sick. It’s like a variation of wanting to fuck your mom. 

Clearly the depraved ones are not the mothers who do what mothers should do and feed their babies, but the ones with the judging stares who take an act so natural as feeding a baby as some form of sexual innuendo. What is people so afraid of when they see breasts used for what nature intended them?? The sudden realization that not every inch of the female anatomy is meant for man’s sexual gratification??? Is that it? “Oh, look at that, she’s using her boob to feed a baby, omg, i thought boobs were for fondling, groping and motorboating, ew, babies” 


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"It’s all because of my foolishness…because I trusted Ieyasu that day…

Hideyoshi-sama, Hanbei-sama…I beg you please grant me permission  to forget this memory…”

I swear all that was missing from that sene was a blush on Mitsunari’s face

Déjalo Para Después


Martín estaba tan entretenido en charlar con las personas a su alrededor que se sobresaltó cuando Luciano se le abalanzó encima, apestando a alcohol y con una sonrisa tonta dibujada en su cara.

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Argentina: maybe we don’t have the world cup
But we always be great teams
Argentina: RUN BITCH!!!! RUUN!!! (I don’t know is pelotudo in english)
Colombia: and that was how he never had the world cup
Nota: el coloreado es fatal lo se

No debí haberme reído tanto como lo hice


yes, very smooth


yes, very smooth